Callahan Katrak
Intern, Summer Student Internship Program, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute
May 2017 - August 2017

Callahan Katrak is currently a senior at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, majoring in Chemistry and Biology. Since a young age, Callahan wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. While at Rollins College, she had the opportunity to participate in a research program which sparked her interest in research. Research gives her the opportunity to ask questions and find new answers. Callahan assisted Dr. Amit Acharya’s team with the diabetes screening in the dental office setting study. Her project title was “Awareness of Patients Towards Association of Diabetes and Periodontal Disease."

Once Callahan finishes college, she hopes to enter a dual degree, DMD/PhD or DDS/PhD, program in the Midwest to be closer to her family, including a twin brother. Her goals include doing research and becoming a professor.