What is Dental Informatics?

Dental Informatics is a specialized area of Clinical Informatics that studies and pursues the effective uses of biomedical data, information and knowledge for scientific inquiry, problem solving and decision making, by applying multiple disciplines like information science, information technology, computer science, telecommunication, biomedical engineering and cognitive science to support and improve dental and craniofacial care, research, education and management.


The focus of IOSH Oral Health Informatics Core centers on:

  • Collaborations with internal as well as external entities to address informatics and health information technology gaps in current clinical practice workflow and use of clinical information systems to promote integrated medical-dental care delivery and disease management, with the aim of promoting delivery of  more effective, high-quality, cost-effective healthcare;
  • Design and develop user-centric, intuitive informatics tools for the healthcare providers to support their practice;
  • Design and develop user-centric, intuitive informatics tools to support patient education and engagement in oral health;
  • Initiatives that support and improve dental research, education, administrative and management tools;
  • Research and development of IT infrastructure that advances the use of evidence base information by clinicians and researchers surrounding links between oral and systemic health and disease.

Current Initiatives

Integration of medical-dental electronic health record environment

Growing evidence supports the need to integrate medical and dental patient care and data. Very few organizations in the US are positioned to address this issue and medical and dental practices continue to remain silo-ed in delivering healthcare. As part of a core effort at Marshfield Clinic, IOSH oral health informatics core working closely with the Marshfield Clinic Information Services team is focused on continuously performing research and developing/enhancing the health information technology infrastructure to share the patient information seamlessly across medical and dental providers.

Developing a Medical-Dental Model of Care to Manage Diabetes

The goal of this project is to develop and implement a new model of care (MOC) to support management of diabetic individuals/populations and their oral health; to facilitate cross-disciplinary care models wherein primary care practitioners engage in oral health screening and dental providers perform diabetes status assessment, with triage to appropriate care; and tracking of compliance and outcomes. IOSH oral health informatics core is specifically focused on designing/developing clinical decision support tools and enhancing the referral tools for this initiative.

DentaSeal: Dental Sealant Registry

Most School-based sealant programs (SBSPs) collect examination, service, and follow-up data using a paper form which can vary slightly from state to state. This data is then entered into an Excel-based application known as Sealant Efficiency Assessment for Locals and States (SEALS) developed by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for each hosting facility. At the end of the school year the program administrator/s run a series of macros from the Excel-based application to create reports that covers several annual outcome (types and numbers of services delivered at school events) as well as program costs and logistics of events, e.g., personnel, equipment, materials, and travel.

In late 2013, Delta Dental of Wisconsin funded Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation to design a state-of-the art software application that can overcome some of the limitations of using excel based application as well as moving away from collecting data on paper forms.

Enhancing the Usability of a D-Sim Care Training Simulation 

As part of the original grant from NIDCR, Health Partners constructed and tested a dental care simulator using a case-based approach and tailored feedback to help dentists improve clinical decisions. In collaboration with the HealthPartners team, the focus of IOSH team is to increase the usability of D-SimCare prototype by applying a user-centered design approach consisting of a series of usability tests to make the web based interface as intuitive and easy to learn as possible so that the user spends their effort on using the tool and practicing the learning points not on figuring out how to use the interface.

Amit Acharya, B.D.S., M.S., Ph.D. 
Oral Health Informatics Core Lead

Phone: (715) 221-6423