The overall goal of this initiative is to help young people work safely in agriculture by will helping parents and supervisors determine which job tasks will help parents determine what job tasks young people can perform safely in agriculture. It is known that safe and appropriate work is inherently good for children; and agriculture offers many opportunities for them to develop work skills while gaining an appreciation for farming and related industries.

The next generation of ag work guidelines, formerly know as the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT), will account for:

  • evidence-based recommendations for activities and issues germane to child development (physical, social, intellectual, emotional);
  • current child ag injury/fatality data;
  • changes in production agriculture;
  • proposed changes in child labor regulations;
  • lessons learned about the consensus development process;
  • information technology and health communications theory/practice; 
  • updated recommendations for adults; and
  • priority topics. 

The new guidelines will be interactive, mobile responsive and customizable.

Guideline Content: In the initial phase of this project, we are updating content for 11 work guidelines and creating a new guideline for utility task vehicles or UTV's. 

Graphics and Templates: New guideline graphics, poster templates and a website wireframe have been drafted and are under further development. The remaining guidelines will be updated in the next phase.

Website: The initial pages from the website wireframe have been incorporated into the Cultivate Safety website. New content for supervision, child development, benefits of farm life, working outdoors and a communication plan are being developed. Programmers have begun work on building the interactive guideline framework for the website.

*Funding for the guidelines was made possible by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and CHS Foundation.