Any individual interested in conducting research at Marshfield Clinic involving recombinant DNA and CDC-defined Biosafety Level 3 or 4 pathogens must first receive approval from the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). Related forms and policies are available for use. Please Contact ORIP at (715) 221-8840 with questions.


The purpose of the institutional policy is to ensure safe handling, use, storage, and disposal of pathogens and Recombinant DNA molecules used in research. This policy is meant to provide a safe working atmosphere and a well-controlled research environment.

Use of Pathogens and Recombinant DNA Molecules in Research


The links below will allow you to open protected Microsoft Word versions of the forms. Marshfield Clinic staff can access the forms electronically from the Marshfield Clinic Forms Library, found on the Marshfield Clinic Intranet. All forms in the Forms Library are Microsoft Word document templates. You must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer in order to open and complete forms.

IBC Amendment - Biosafety
IBC Application - Research Involving Biosafety Level 3 or 4 Pathogens
IBC Continuing Review Report - Biosafety
IBC Personnel Risk Agreement - Biosafety