research committee The Marshfield Clinic Research Committee is charged with determining whether a protocol is scientifically sound, ensuring that requested funding is appropriate for the study, and following the protocol through its completion to ensure that the study is progressing as expected. The Research Committee also obtains clarification when necessary and provides constructive criticism to investigators in order to improve protocols. The Marshfield Clinic policy/procedure, “Internal Funding,” provides more detail on the funding process.

research committee around computerResources are available to members of the Marshfield Clinic Research Committee to assist them in carrying out their duties. Research Committee members are responsible for adhering to institutional policies and procedures of Marshfield Clinic. The Committee Operating Procedures outline the meeting operations, and provide guidance on specific topics. Members are to consider the Review Criteria when reviewing protocols. Questions about Research Committee member information may be directed to Patti Baer at (715) 221-8840.