• Marilyn Follen

  • Coordinator-Advance Care Planning

    • Quality Improvement
    • 1000 North Oak Ave. RL4 Marshfield, WI 54449


MSN, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
BSN, Viterbo College, LaCrosse

Work Experience

1988 to 1996:
Clinical Research Studies Manager / Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, Marshfield
1984 to 1988:
Head Nurse / Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery, Saint Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield
1980 to 1984:
Head Nurse / Obstetrics, Saint Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield
1977 to 1980:
Maternal Nurse Practitioner, Saint Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield
1975 to 1977:
Staff Nurse / Obstetrics, Saint Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield
2004 to Present:
Administrator / Quality Improvement and Care Management, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield
2001 to 2004:
Administrator / Business and Community Health Services, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield
1998 to 2001:
Assistant Director / Business and Community Services, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield
1996 to 1998:
Project Manager / Department of Proactive Health Services & Manager of the Health Screening Unit, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield

Select Publications

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    PubMed ID: 8699201
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    PubMed ID: 8636605
  • Hiltunen EF, Puopolo AL, Marks GK, Marsden C, Kennard MJ, Follen MA, Phillips RS. The nurse's role in end-of-life treatment discussions: preliminary report from the SUPPORT Project. J Cardiovasc Nurs. 1995 Apr;9(3):68-77.
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