• Ahmad Pahlavan Tafti Ph.D.

  • Associate Research Scientist-Biomedical Informatics

    • Center for Human Genetics
    • 1000 North Oak Ave. ML8 Marshfield, WI 54449


2016 to 2016:
Practical Machine Learning, Coursera-Johns Hopkins University, USA
2013 to 2016:
Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
2012 to 2012:
Hands on Experience, Medical Image Analysis, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
2008 to 2011:
M.Sc., Computer Science, Software Engineering, Azad University, Iran/UAE
2001 to 2001:
Oracle DBA, Oracle DBA, Oracle Education Center, Malaysia
1992 to 1998:
B.S., Computer Science, Software Engineering, Azad University, Iran

Work Experience

2013 to 2016:
Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
1998 to 2012:
Database Administrator, ASYCUDA Project, Iran


I am a Tenure-Track Associate Research Scientist with deep passion for improving health informatics with better patient diagnosis and treatment using big and multiple data sources and novel computational algorithms. I earned my PhD in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and since then, I have been on a quest to explore and solve problems that are “worth it” and make the most positive impact on people’s lives. In my current position in Biomedical Informatics Research Center at Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, I have successfully leveraged my background in computer vision, machine learning modeling, algorithm design and big data analytics to find solutions to a diverse range of problems in biomedical and health informatics. I am passionate about computational health informatics and machine intelligence.

Research Interests

3D Computer Vision, Machine Intelligence, Computational Health Informatics

Select Publications

  • Tafti AP, LaRose E, Badger JC, Kleiman R, Peissig P. Machine Learning-as-a-Service and Its Application to Medical Informatics. In: Perner P, Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition. 10358. Springer, 2017
  • Baghaie A, Pahlavan Tafti A, Owen HA, D'Souza RM, Yu Z. Three-dimensional reconstruction of highly complex microscopic samples using scanning electron microscopy and optical flow estimation. PLoS One. 2017;12(4):e0175078.
    PubMed ID: 28384216
  • Baghaie A, Tafti AP, Owen HA, D'Souza RM, Yu Z. SD-SEM: sparse-dense correspondence for 3D reconstruction of microscopic samples. Micron. 2017 Jun;97 :41-55.
    PubMed ID: 28343096
  • Tafti AP, Baghaie A, Assefi M, Arabnia HR, Yu Z, Peissig P. OCR as a Service: an experimental evaluation of Google Docs OCR, Tesseract, ABBYY FineReader, and Transym. International Symposium on Visual Computing. Springer International Publishing, 2016
  • Omrani E, Tafti AP, Fathi MF, Moghadam AD, Rohatgi P, D'Souza RM, Yu Z. Tribological Study in Micro Scale Using 3D SEM Surface Reconstruction. Tribology International. 2016 Jul;103(2016):309-15.
  • Tafti AP, Kirkpatrick AB, Holz JD, Owen HA, Yu Z. 3DSEM: A 3D microscopy dataset. Data Brief. 2016 Mar;6 :112-6.
    PubMed ID: 26779561
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    PubMed ID: 26277082
  • Tafti AP, Hassannia H, Yu Z. siftservice.com - Turning a Computer Vision algorithm into a World Wide Web Service. arXiv:1504.02840v1. 2015; :[cs.CV].
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