1. Start with a good research question.
  2. Find out if anyone has tried to answer your question before - ask the medical librarians for assistance in conducting literature searches.
  3. Review the literature to determine if the question is worth pursuing. A critical review of existing literature helps put the research problem in context and can identify gaps and weaknesses in prior studies in order to justify a new investigation.
  4. Complete and file an “ Intent to Submit ” form. This form alerts Sponsored Programs and other support services of the potential submission and allows you to indicate in which areas of proposal development you will need assistance. Sponsored Programs staff will assist you in preparing your budget. For requests to support extramural awards, you should submit your request at least 12 weeks before the submission date.
  5. Begin to complete the Concept Paper – Grant Proposal Planning Template. This form provides a brief outline of the project including the following elements:
  • Statement of objectives, aims and hypothesis (if appropriate)
  • Background submission of citations or relevant publications is required
  • Statement of significance
  • Preliminary data or feasibility information (if any)
  • Brief sketch of methodological approach or proposed design of study

Note: when completing the Concept Paper, leave blank any sections (such as feasibility or effect size in the methodological approach section) that you are unable to answer. The Office of Scientific Writing and Publication (OSWP) can help you with any incomplete sections.

Submit the completed form to the Office of Scientific Writing and Publication. This form enables the OSWP staff to determine the appropriate types of assistance needed for proposal planning and gets your project into the work queue.