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April 2017

With the help from MCIS staff, providers at Marshfield Clinic now have access to view patient dental records. Dental documentation and treatment information is now available at their fingertips.

Cattails Dental is the electronic record used in all Family Health Center (FHC) dental centers. For some time, portions of the record have been integrated in Cattails applications. Providers can find dental After Visit Summaries (AVS) in the Combined Medical Record (CMR), see dental diagnoses in problem lists, and view dental observations in Dashboard. Now, the Cattails Dental Chart and Treatment Plan are available for all Clinic providers to view.

The Cattails Dental Chart module contains detailed clinical documentation from FHC oral surgery, general and hospital-based dentistry, and hygiene providers. It also provides a graphical display of a patient’s teeth, color-coded to represent procedures that have been performed, provided and recommended.

The Cattails Dental Treatment Plan module provides dental procedural information in a list format, for viewing priorities and different treatment options.

FHC dental providers have always had full viewing access of a patient’s medical record through CMR and Dashboard. Providers across the system are happy to see sharing of information.

“A patient’s dental conditions have an impact on their systemic health and may influence medical treatment plans,” said John O’Brien, D.D.S., FHC Dental director.

“This bi-directional exchange of information assists in taking care of the patient as a whole,” said Kori Kruger, M.D., director of the Institute for Quality, Innovation & Patient Safety (IQIPS), who sponsored the access change.

Amit Acharya, Ph.D., director of the Institute for Oral and Systemic Health, encourages medical providers to explore the dental record and is excited for the change.

“What MCHS has achieved with help from MCIS staff is a monumental milestone in bridging the chasm between dentistry and medicine and providing a holistic care for the people that we serve,” he said.