Research Integrity and Protections is part of Marshfield Clinic Research Institute - Office of Research Support Services (ORSS). The mission of ORSS is to support Marshfield Clinic Health Systems research programs by promoting the ethical conduct of scientific investigation and discovery, and by advocating for the rights and welfare of all involved in the research. ORSS is established, and now continually maintains, the following institutional committees to ensure that:

  • Research is appropriately designed (Research Committee);
  • The safety and welfare of human subjects is considered (Institutional Review Board);
  • Any conflicts of interest are eliminated or managed (Research Conflict of Interest Committee);
  • Employees working with Recombinant DNA or Biosafety Level 3 or 4 agents are protected (Biosafety Committee);
  • Research activities are monitored, education is provided, and corrective action is taken when necessary (Research Compliance Committee).

ORSS arranges for timely review of proposed research by the appropriate committee/board(s), and provides direction to investigators to prepare their applications for review. ORSS is also responsible for policy development and regulatory enforcement related to scientific misconduct and to the research aspects of the HIPAA Privacy rule. It assists MCHS Offices and Centers in developing research-related policies and procedures, and monitors for compliance with both institutional policies and federal regulations. ORSS also works with researchers and their staff to provide education, and to develop corrective and preventative action plans whenever necessary.