Before Marshfield Clinic Health System shares or transfers researcher data or material to any outside individual or organization/institution, an agreement generally must be fully executed with the outside individual or organization/institution receiving the data or materials. Similarly, outside individuals or institutions proposing to transfer data or material to Marshfield Clinic Health System may submit agreements to govern the transfers.  Office of Research Support Services (ORSS), in cooperation with Legal Services, coordinates the development and review of these agreements. Marshfield Clinic Health System investigators and researchers are responsible for submitting the form, "Request to Transfer Data or Materials," with all requested information to ORSS each time that they want to share or transfer data or materials. Investigators also must forward any agreements proposed by outside individuals or organizations/institutions, profit or non-profit, to ORSS for review before any transfer can take place.

For questions please contact Marla Ripp-Fischer at 715-387-5858.


Ownership, Management, and Sharing of Research Data and Materials
Sharing and Transfer of Research Data


Request to Transfer Data or Materials