The Research Committee reviews and critically assesses protocols to determine scientific merit, obtains clarification where necessary, and provides constructive criticism to investigators in order to improve protocols. All protocols requesting internal funds must receive approval through the Research Committee.

As the initial step in obtaining internal funding of a research proposal, an investigator must submit a Research Committee Pre-Proposal (PP) Application form which identifies the specific aims of the project and provides an overview of the methods and analytic plan. The Research Committee’s review and approval of a Pre-Proposal application is required prior to the submission of a full proposal (FP).

After review of the Pre-Proposal application, the Committee will respond with feedback to assist the investigator with development a Full Proposal, if invited to submit. The submission of a full proposal (FP) is encouraged within 6 months of the approval of its corresponding pre-proposal (PP). FPs submitted more than 12-months from the date of the PP approval are not accepted without resubmission and re-approval of the PP (to ensure the research remains valid and timely).

A Full Proposal for a study protocol submitted for review must include all components listed in the Protocol Format guide.

While there is no restriction on the number of new applications/protocols a principal investigator may submit for funds over his or her tenure, no more than three active studies per principal investigator are allowed at any given time.

Scientific Writing and Biostatistical assistance are availble for protocol design and application preparation. Please call Emily Andreae for Scientific Writing requests at (715) 389-3072, and Laurel Verhagen in the Office of Research and Computational Analytics (ORCA) for biostatistics requests at (715) 389-7707. Any questions regarding submissions to the Research Committee can be directed to Patti Baer at (715) 221-8840.