Title: “Bilingual Child and Youth Farm Safety Videos”
Principal Investigator: Liz Binversie, Brown County UW-Extension

Title: “Initiating the Conversation: Developing Educational Resources Supporting Rural Families”
Principal Investigator: Jana Davidson, Progressive Agriculture Foundation

Title: “Stop the Bleed Program in the Granton Area Amish Community”
Principal Investigator: Liz Kracht, Marshfield Medical Center

Title: “Partnering with CFHC to Integrate Children’s Agricultural Health and Safety Standards in Medical Practice”
Principal Investigator:  Knesha Rose-Davison, Agri-Safe Network

Title: “Needs Assessment of Latino Farmworker/Farmers for Children’s Farm Safety in the Pacific Northwest”
Principal Investigator: Maria Tchong-French, University of Washington

Title: “Analyzing Rural Youth Safety Education”
Principal Investigator: Rebecca Wirkus, Stratford FFA

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