• Barbara Lee RN, PhD

  • Senior Research Scientist

    • MCRI - MCRI-National Farm Medicine
    • 1000 North Oak Ave. ML8 Marshfield, WI 54449
    • (715) 223-7893


MSN, Nursing Administration , University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
BSN, Nursing , College of St. Teresa, Winona
PhD, Health Promotion , University of Wisconsin, School of Nursing, Milwaukee

Work Experience

2018 to Present:
Dean Emanuel Endowed Chair , Marshfield Medical Research , Marshfield
1997 to Present:
Dir., Nat'l Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety , Marshfield Clinic Research, Marshfield
2015 to 2019:
Director, National Farm Medicine Center, Marshfield Clinic Research , Marshfield
1983 to 1985:
Assistant Director of Nursing, Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire
1977 to 1983:
Head Nurse, St. Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield

Honors & Awards

Founding (charter) member of International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention
1991 to 1994:
National Research Service Award, National Institute for Nursing Research, Pre-doctoral Fellowship #IF31 NR06759-03
1994 to 1995:
Accepted into the Wisconsin Rural Leadership Program, Group VI
1994 to 1995:
Selected for citation in Who’s Who in American Nursing
1997 to 1998:
Appointed to Committee on Health and Safety Implications of Child Labor for the National Research Council, National Institute of Medicine
Received Honorary American Degree from the National FFA Organization
1997 to Present:
Served as U.S. Delegate for conference convened by the U.S. National Administrative Office, "Improving Children's Lives: Child and Youth Labor in NAFTA Countries"
2001 to Present:
Named Outstanding Alumni of the Decade for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Protecting children from agricultural injuries has been the primary focus of Dr. Lee's career since 1987 when she transitions from clinical nursing to research. She organized the first national symposium on this topic and been a leader in research, knowledge mobilization and advocacy. In 1996 she led adoption of the National Action Plan for Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention and shortly thereafter secured federal funding for a NIOSH Center of Excellence. Her research has tested interventions to protect working youth and non-working children on farms. Dr. Lee served three terms as Director of the National Farm Medicine Center, most recently stepping down in March, 2019. Under her leadership, the Center has grown to be the longest standing, most fully staffed agricultural safety and health center in the U.S. She helped bring the Journal of Agromedicine to its home in Marshfield and serves as the Senior Associate Editor. Dr. Lee was a founding member of the Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America (ASHCA), served as its Administrative Director for a decade, and continues to serve on its Board of Directors.

Research Interests

Research interests include:
* Testing, evaluating interventions to influence adult behaviors that protect children on farms
* Assessing barriers and motivators that predict adult decisions that put children at risk
* Assessing youth characteristics and risk-taking behaviors associated with agricultural work practicies
* Survey research methodology with quantitative analyses


1997 to 1997:
Research Committee, Member
1999 to Present:
Directors Internal Advisory Council, Member
1999 to Present:
Search Committee for Director of Medical Research, Member
1999 to Present:
Search Committee for Assistant Director of Medical Research, Member
2002 to Present:
Search committee for Assistant Director of Medical Research, Member
2004 to Present:
Search Committee for Director of Medical Research, Member

Select Publications

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