• David McClure PhD

  • Project Scientist II

    • MCRI - MCRI-Clin Epidem and Pop Hlth
    • 1000 North Oak Ave. ML2 Marshfield, WI 54449


1980 to 1984:
BS, Physics, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona
1984 to 1986:
MS, Materials Science, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona
1995 to 1997:
MS, Medical Physics, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver Colorado
1998 to 2005:
PhD, Analytical Health Sciences (Epidemiology/Biostatistics), University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver Colorado

Work Experience

2000 to 2002:
Biostatistician and Outcomes Analyst, National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Denver Colorado
2002 to 2012:
Senior Biostatistician/Epidemiologist, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Denver Colorado
2012 to 2014:
Epidemiologist, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, Marshfield Wisconsin
2014 to 2015:
Project Scientist/Advisor, CVS Health, Northbrook Illinois
2014 to Present:
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Wisconsin
2016 to Present:
Senior Epidemiologist, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, Marshfield Wisconsin


Dr. McClure is a senior epidemiologist specializing in pharmacoepidemiology with emphasis in vaccine safety and effectiveness. He has collaborated with CCEPH staff for many years via the CDC sponsored Vaccine Safety Datalink prior to his most recent CCEPH appointment in 2016. He also has interests in leading or supporting studies of infectious disease, rural health, or new epidemiologic methods.

Research Interests

Vaccine safety and effectiveness, Pharmacoepidemiology, Epidemiologic methods,
Infectious disease epidemiology, Rural health epidemiology

Select Publications

  • Glanz JM, Wagner N, Narwaney K, Shoup J, McClure DL, McCormick E, Daley MF. (2013 September). A mixed methods study of parental vaccine decision making and parent-provider trust. Acad Pediatr. 13(5):481-488.
    PubMed ID: 24011751
  • Sundaram ME, McClure DL, VanWormer JJ, Friedrich TC, Meece JK, Belongia EA. Influenza Vaccination is Not Associated with Detection of Non-Influenza Respiratory Viruses in Seasonal Studies of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness. CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES. 2013 September; 57(6):789-793.
    PubMed ID: 23748138
  • Newcomer S, Hambidge SJ, McClure DL, Daley MF, Klein NP, Glanz JM. (2013 August). Factors that may explain observed associations between trivalent influenza vaccination and gastrointestinal illness in young children. VACCINE. 31(37):3894-3898.
    PubMed ID: 23831326
  • Belongia EA, Sundaram ME, McClure DL, Meece JK, Ferdinands J, VanWormer JJ. Waning vaccine protection against influenza A (H3N2) illness in children and older adults during a single season. VACCINE. 2015 January 1; 33(1):246-51.
    PubMed ID: 24962752
  • Jackson ML, Jackson LA, Kieke B, McClure D, Gaglani M, Murthy K,...Thompson MG. (2015 September 22). Incidence of medically attended influenza infection and cases averted by vaccination, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 influenza seasons. VACCINE. 33(39):5181-5187.
    PubMed ID: 26271827
  • Glanz JM, Newcomer SR, Daley MF, McClure DL, Baxter RP, Jackson ML,...DeStefano F. (2015 November 27). Cumulative and episodic vaccine aluminum exposure in a population-based cohort of young children. VACCINE. 33(48):6736-44..
    PubMed ID: 26518400
  • Simpson MD, Kieke BA, Sundaram ME, McClure DL, Meece JK, Sifakis F,...Belongia EA. Incidence of Medically Attended Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Influenza Illnesses in Children 6-59 Months Old During Four Seasons. Open Forum Infect Dis.. 2016 April 21; 3(2):ofw081.
    PubMed ID: 27419158
  • Vickers ER, McClure DL, Naleway AL, Jacobsen SJ, Klein NP, Glanz JM,...Belongia EA. (2017 October 13). Risk of venous thromboembolism following influenza vaccination in adults aged 50years and older in the Vaccine Safety Datalink. VACCINE. 35(43):5872-5877.
    PubMed ID: 28888342
  • McCarthy NL, Sukumaran L, Newcomer S, Glanz J, Daley MF, McClure D,...Weintraub E. (2017 December 4). Patterns of childhood immunization and all-cause mortality. VACCINE. 35(48 Pt B):6643-6648.
    PubMed ID: 29061349
  • Sukumaran L, McCarthy NL, Kharbanda EO, Vazquez-Benitez G, Lipkind HS, Jackson L,...Weintraub ES [including McClure DL.] Infant Hospitalizations and Mortality After Maternal Vaccination. PEDIATRICS. 2018 March; 141(3):e20173310.
    PubMed ID: 29463582
  • Glanz JM, Newcomer SR, Daley MF, DeStefano F, Groom HC, Jackson ML,...Zerbo O [including McClure DL.] Association Between Estimated Cumulative Vaccine Antigen Exposure Through the First 23 Months of Life and Non-Vaccine-Targeted Infections From 24 Through 47 Months of Age. JAMA. 2018 March 6; 319(9):906-913.
    PubMed ID: 29509866
  • McClure DL, Jacobsen SJ, Klein NP, Naleway AL, Kharbanda EO, Glanz JM,...McLean HQ. Similar relative risks of seizures following measles containing vaccination in children born preterm compared to full-term without previous seizures or seizure-related disorders. VACCINE. 2019 January 3; 37(1):76-79.
    PubMed ID: 30478005
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    PubMed ID: 31540812
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    PubMed ID: 32390298
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    PubMed ID: 38770924