The Center for Clinical Epidemiology & Population Health (CCEPH) Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) team was proud to host the annual VSD meeting in Madison on May 3-4. This was the first in-person annual meeting for VSD sites since 2019, and it included scientific teams from CDC and 12 integrated healthcare organizations in the US. The Vaccine Safety Datalink is a key component for vaccine safety monitoring in the US.  Vaccine safety monitoring after licensure is important to identify rare or serious vaccine-related problems and maintain public confidence. The VSD uses health and immunization records from over 12 million people to provide scientific support for the safety of recommended vaccines. The 2023 VSD meeting provided a forum for investigators and teams to review ongoing research, discuss cutting edge vaccine safety research methods, and plan for future studies.

Special thanks to Kayla Hanson and Judith Hase for their help with meeting planning and logistics.