Once your Concept Paper has been received, Scientific Writing will set up a meeting with you to discuss: submitting the research proposal, creating a realistic timeframe, establishing a budget, and determining feasibility.

Staff from other key areas (listed below) will be included when necessary:

Office of Research Computing and Analytics (ORCA): ORCA will provide research support in programming, information systems support, biostatistics and data management, as well as assistance in study design, feasibility and sample size estimation.

Clinical Research: Marshfield Clinic and Marshfield Clinic Research Institute provide investigators with opportunities for collaboration with both scientists and clinicians. The Clinical Research Center (CRC) has a number of programs to enable physicians to merge research with clinical practice through provision of support and resources including:

  • Physician with dedicated research time,
  • Clinical Investigator Laboratory,
  • Research Studies area.

The center provides assistance with collection of data, maintaining quality for all projects, and ensuring that accrual goals are met. Clinical Research staff can also assist with budget detail and development and help you determine areas of your protocol where you may require assistance.

Center for Clinical Epidemiology & Population Health (CCEPH): Epidemiology involves the study of disease patterns, risk factors, and outcomes in human populations. Staff of the Epidemiology Research Center assist in the conduct of high-quality population based and other epidemiologic research. This Center is home to the Marshfield Epidemiological Study Area (MESA), MESA is a geographic region defined by zip codes where the great majority of residents choose to receive medical care at Marshfield Clinic, its regional centers and affiliated hospitals. It is a unique resource for population-based health research when combined with health data from the Marshfield Clinic. This population base also forms the core for the Personalized Medicine Research Project (PMRP) a resource for genetic studies which is housed in the Center for Human Genetics.

Integrated Research & Development Lab (IRDL): The mission of IRDL is to provide efficient, high-quality, cost effective technical research laboratory support for genetic testing and other bench-based research to Marshfield Clinic investigators. It provides investigators three basic resources:.

  • Laboratory facilities for investigators, such as clinicians, who do not have access to dedicated laboratories
  • Highly trained research associates who can be assigned to, or otherwise augment, research projects when it is not appropriate to hire additional staff, e.g., when projects are of limited duration or have limited personnel requirements
  • Scientific equipment to support multiple studies by different organizations and investigators, e.g., equipment that is too expensive to be purchased and maintained by a single Center

Sponsored Programs: Sponsored Programs staff provide assistance with developing a budget and compiling the proposal package in compliance with the requirements of the applications. Staff will conduct administrative review of the proposal, gain required institutional signatures and assist with the actual submission of your grant to the funding agency.