Intent to Submit - This application alerts Sponsored Programs and other support services of the potential submission and allows you to indicate in which areas of proposal development you will need assistance. For more information about the Intent to Submit application, contact the Office of Scientific Writing and Publication (OSWP).

Concept Paper - This form enables the Office of Scientific Writing and Publication (OSWP) staff to determine the appropriate types of assistance needed for proposal planning and gets your project into the work queue. When completing the Concept Paper, leave blank any sections (such as feasibility or effect size in the methodological approach section) that you are unable to answer. OSWP can help you with any incomplete sections.

Forms utilized by each of the regulatory review committees can be found by clicking on the following links:

Scientific Review (Research) Committee
Human Research (IRB)
Biosafety (Hazardous Agents)


The following policies are available only to Marshfield Clinic staff and can be accessed electronically from the Marshfield Clinic Policy & Handbook Library found on the Marshfield Clinic Intranet.

Internal Funding - Physician Research and Disease Specific Restricted Funds. This policy was created to honor the desires of Marshfield Clinic and donors by allowing for the equitable distribution of limited resources in support of scholarly research, scientific inquiry and research involving inventive technology. This policy defines who is eligible for funds, the amount of funds available, the maximum amount awarded per project, submission deadlines and the process for application, review and funding of projects.

Intellectual Property Policy. The purpose of this policy is to encourage discovery, invention, and innovation; to clarify the obligations of Marshfield Clinic employees and procedures for disclosing and protecting intellectual property; and to describe the distribution of royalties resulting from licensing or other commercialization of Marshfield Clinic intellectual property.

Authorship Policy. The purpose of this policy is to establish general principles, requirements and additional guidelines for authorship of medical and scientific abstracts and publications by Marshfield Clinic clinicians, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute scientists and other staff who are involved in research.

Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct. This policy applies to all individuals engaged in research who are paid by, under the control of, or affiliated with the Marshfield Clinic or its Division of Research. Included are physicians, clinicians, scientists, technicians and other staff members, students, fellows, guest researchers, or collaborators at Marshfield Clinic and its Division of Research.