Adedayo Onitilo, M.D., Ph.D., MSCR, has been re-elected to the SWOG Cancer Research Network Board of Governors. Dr. Onitilo will hold a seat as a governing member through October 2023. ​

SWOG Cancer Res earch Network is a global cancer research community that designs and conducts publicly-funded clinical trials, including those funded by the National Cancer Institute. 

Dr. Onitilo was selected to represent Marshfield Clinic Health System because of its three-year average annual accrual rate into cancer clinical trials and commitment to high standards of quality. He says this honor is truly a team effort. 

“Congratulations also goes to all oncology physicians and the other service lines that we collaborate with daily," Dr. Onitilo said. “Special thanks to our research staff, as well. We are lucky to have an organization that appreciates research and provides us with a platform to serve our patients and community." 

Health System Cancer Care & Research leaders say Dr. Onitilo's position on the Board of Governors showcases a strong commitment to research and the wellbeing of our communities. 

“The integration of research into our oncology service line is a critical component to our success and differentiates us in the market," said Earnest James, M.B.A., associate research center administrator for the Cancer Care & Research Center at Marshfield Clinic Research Institute. 

“Access to clinical trials for cancer patients saves lives," added Jeron Jackson, M.H.A., service line administrator for Cancer Care and Research. “All the great research in the world does us no good if we can't get it to our patients. Living in a rural community shouldn't impede a patient from this important access."