The Healthcare Worker Exposure Response & Outcomes (HERO) Registry began as a community of people who work in any type of first responder or health care setting to share what it's l‚Äčike to live and work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the HERO Registry is open to anyone who lives, works or interacts with first responders or health care workers at home or in their community. 

This expansion is a direct result of listening to HERO participants' feedback. “At first, health care workers were concerned with how they should disinfect themselves and their clothes when they got home from work, and now their questions surround burnout and the psychosocial impacts of their work on themselves and their family members," said HERO Registry Principal Investigator Dr. Emily O'Brien. “Opening enrollment to people in health care workers' family and friends will help the HERO Registry answer those vital questions." 

When you join the HERO Registry, you will be eligible to answer short surveys and participate in research; learn the results of that research; and share your thoughts about key issues to help identify future research questions. Registry members may enter in a monthly raffle for a chance to receive a gift card and may also receive compensation for participating in HERO research. 

If you work in a health care setting or know someone who does, help us learn more about your life during COVID-19. To learn more or to join, visit