Program Overview
While Education and career development has been an essential value for the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute (MCRI) since its inception in 1959, in 2017 MCRI prioritized the development of a formal postdoctoral fellowship program. The mission of the Postdoctoral Fellowship program is to educate and mentor the next generation of scientific leaders. This program is designed to equip, facilitate, and mentor a junior scientist's independent research portfolio, in areas such as grant applications, manuscript writing, scientific presentation development, scientific merit and peer review, internal and external collaboration, and formal training in statistical/data management software. Read MCRI's Year in Review for a snapshot of the activities, people and resources at our institution that contribute to our collaborative, team science approach to research.

The MCRI Postdoctoral Fellowship program provides fellows access to regular grand rounds presentations, research seminars, national research network webinars, as well as professional development and other training opportunities.

Fellowships are typically awarded for a two-year period which takes place at the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute within the research Center or Office as the fellowship Mentor.

Program Participants  
The MCRI Postdoctoral Fellowship program offers a unique approach to training and career development in that participants are engaged across MCRI's interdisciplinary spectrum and includes individuals holding positions funded by philanthropic efforts, research sponsors for specific studies or projects, internally funded by the research department, and partner institutions fellowship programs. As the overarching goal of the program is to educate and mentor the next generation of scientific leaders, individuals eligible to participate in professional and career development activities include all of MCRI's PostDoctoral Fellows as well as interested early career researchers currently employed at MCRI. 

include researchers from a variety of fellowship   involved with the Frank R. and Betty J. Koller Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Ebenreiter Fellowship in Precision Medicine, the Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine (CIBM) Postdoctoral Traineeship, study-specific/research center Postdoctoral positions, and early career researchers at MCRI.

Program Faculty 
Fellowship areas and potential mentors for postdoctoral fellows are listed on the Postdoctoral Fellowship Faculty page. 

Program Contact

Madalyn Palmquist - Program Administrator
Marshfield Clinic Research Institute
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
1000 North Oak Avenue
Marshfield, WI 54449-5777
Phone: 1-800-782-8581