The Postdoc Journal Club is an opportunity for MCRI postdoctoral fellows and early career researchers to engage in a considered examination of recent scientific literature, present to colleagues on developments from other researchers in their field, and help improve their own ability to critique manuscripts on current topics. Additionally this platform provides a supportive venue for building and developing scientific public speaking involvement. 

The schedule of presenters is below, articles will be added at the beginning of the month of presentation, to allow for the presenter to choose a recent topic that is relevant to the scientific area of focus to discuss. Note that presenter dates are subject to change.

Date                      Conference Rm       Presenter                Article
January 18 Remote Krishna Ganta

Platelets from HIV-infected individuals on antiretroviral drug therapy with poor CD4 T cell recovery can harbor replication-competent HIV despite viral suppression

March 15 Remote Cody Goessel

People with Suspected COVID-19 Symptoms Were More Likely Depressed and Had Lower Health-Related Quality of Life: The Potential Beneļ¬t of Health Literacy


The Journal Club is on hiatus. When not on hiatus, the Journal Club would meet the third Monday of each month from noon to 1pm. If you would like to be included in our email list announcing upcoming journal club meetings and discussion articles, please contact Seth Langreck via e-mail.