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  • Nitschke LF, Schlosser CT, Berg RL, Selthafner JV, Wengert TJ, Avecilla CS. (1996 April). Does patient-controlled analgesia achieve better control of pain and fewer adverse effects than intramuscular analgesia? A prospective randomized trial. Arch Surg. 131(4):417-423.
    PubMed ID: 8615729
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  • Ziemba S, Chakraborty G, Ledeen R. (1996). Evidence for the presence of Mg2+ dependent neutral sphingomyelinase in CNS myelin. JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY. 66(Suppl. 1):S46.
  • Gribble RK, Meier PR, Berg RL. (1995 September). The value of urine screening for glucose at each prenatal visit. Obstet Gynecol. 86(3):405-410.
    PubMed ID: 7651652
  • DeStefano F, Berg RL, Griese GG. (1995 July). Determinants of serum lipid and lipoprotein concentrations in children. Epidemiology. 6(4):446-449.
    PubMed ID: 7548360
  • Gribble RK, Fee SC, Berg RL. (1995 July). The value of routine urine dipstick screening for protein at each prenatal visit. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 173(1):214-217.
    PubMed ID: 7631685
  • Laidlaw SA, Berg RL, Kopple JD, Naito H, Walker WG, Walser M. (1994 April). Patterns of fasting plasma amino acid levels in chronic renal insufficiency: results from the feasibility phase of the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease Study. Am J Kidney Dis. 23(4):504-513.
    PubMed ID: 8154485
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    PubMed ID: 1664792
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    PubMed ID: 2636655
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    PubMed ID: 2636677
  • Berg RL, Mcdonald L, Strickland M. (1983). Distribution of mountain lions in Wyoming as determined by mail questionnaire. Wild Soc Bull. 11 :265-268.