Students interested in the epidemiology program will typically work with a mentor in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Population Health (CCEPH) on an epidemiology project that may involve conducting scientific literature reviews, assisting with study design, analyzing data, and preparing a manuscript. In addition to the independent project, students may have the opportunity to be involved with other epidemiology projects including studies in the US Flu Network, Vaccine Safety Datalink, Marshfield Epidemiologic Study Area, and the Health Care Systems Research Network.

CCEPH SRIP Project 2022 

1) Disparities in COVID-19 vaccine coverage in Wisconsin farm communities.

Vaccination coverage for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is clearly suboptimal in children and adolescents, particularly in rural areas of the U.S. Within rural populations, the subgroups of children and adolescents who are least apt to get vaccinated for COVID-19 remain unknown. This study will examine a defined population of children and adolescents who reside in north-central Wisconsin. The primary research question is this: Do children and adolescents who reside on farms have lower COVID-19 vaccine coverage relative to non-farm kids who reside in rural and non-rural areas? Other subgroups and predictors of vaccine coverage will also be examined. Students need to have basic statistical/analytical training or experience, or a strong desire to learn analytical skills. Graduate students who are engaged in the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply for this project: epidemiology or public health. Students will be performing literature reviews, analyzing data, and attending seminars. 

Applications for summer 2022 are closed.