Students interested in the Precision Medicine/Genetics program will typically work with a mentor in the Center for Precision Medicine Research (CPMR) on a project that focuses on discovering the structure of the human genome and the hunt for genes that influence human health disorders, which will improve patient care. In addition to the independent research project, studies may have the opportunity to be involved with other projects related to MCRI’s cutting edge molecular technologies and Marshfield Clinic’s Personalized Medicine Research Project (PMRP), which is a biobank of plasma, serum, and DNA specimens from 20,000 Marshfield Clinic patients.

CPMR SRIP Project 2022

1) Early stage prediction of pan kidney cancers using miRNA expression profiles-machine learning approach.

As key regulatory molecules in several biological processes, microRNAs (miRNAs) are potential biomarkers for cancer; the ability to detect cancer at an early stage in patients who would benefit from effective therapy is one of the critical factors in increasing survivability. The project asks this research question: How could one identify a microRNA signature that can be potentially used as a biomarker for early stage detection of kidney cancer? Knowledge in machine learning and bioinformatics tools are required. Genetics/Biology (preferred but not required). Graduate students who are engaged in the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply for this project: bioinformatics/computer science or machine learning or biomedical engineering. Students will be performing literature reviews, collecting data, analyzing data, and attending seminars. 

Applications for summer 2022 are closed.