Students interested in Laboratory research typically work with a mentor in the Integrated Research & Development Laboratory (IRDL) on projects that explore relationships or association between the cause of disease and current medical practice with the goal to enhance a better understanding of a disease or disorder. In addition to the independent project, students may have the opportunity to be involved with other projects which are undertaken with external collaborators in the industry and academia that focus on molecular biology, genetics, virology, microbiology and immunology.

IRDL SRIP Project Summer 2022

1) Influence of host genetics on Blastomycosis infection.

Blastomycosis is a life-threatening fungal infection endemic to Northern Wisconsin. The severity and type of infection is variable between patients, and the reasons for this variability are not understood. We have a dataset of genetic information from patients diagnosed with blastomycosis in the Marshfield Clinic system. The hypothesize is that host genetics may play a role in the severity and outcome of blastomycosis. IRDL is seeking an intern to assist with the analysis of this dataset. This project is heavily focused on bioinformatics and statistical analysis. No prior computer science experience is needed, but the intern will be learning to code as part of this project. Undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged in the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply for this project: biology, genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry. Students will be coding, performing literature reviews, analyzing data sets, and attending seminars. 

Applications for summer 2022 are closed.