Reynor Wilhorn, BS (2019)

While at MCRI, Reynor worked with the genetics team and studied genome-wide association in establishing different single-nucleotide polymorphisms and confirmed genetic variants previously associated with telomere length. His work has led to additional data being processed that will help strengthen the power of genome associations to identify novel genetic variants associated with telomere length.

After completing the program Reynor continued his medical education and was accepted into a PhD program at the UW-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health.

Allison Foster, MPH (2018)

While at MCRI, Allison worked with the epidemiology team and studied whether school-aged children with asthma were at increased risk of serious outcome following medically-attended influenza illness and examined whether influenza vaccination modifies the association between asthma and serious outcome.  

After the program Allison continued her public health endeavors as an Epidemiologist with the Tennessee Department of Health.

Chibuzor Abasilim, MPH (2018)

Chibuzor conducted a study that evaluated participants sleep patterns and attainment of daily sleep recommendations with the Clinical Research Team while at MCRI. The study results provided novel information on differences in meeting sleep recommendation based on age, BMI and gender in the Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS) population.  

Upon completing the SRIP program Chibuzor continued his research career with the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council Epidemiology Center as an Epidemiologist.

Fereshteh Bashiri, PhD (2017)

During her internship, Fereshteh worked with the biomedical informatics team on a research project which utilized a deep convolutional neural network (CNN), trained with a dataset of 2076 images collected from Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield to detect remarkable indoor landmarks (e.g., doors, stairs and hospital signs) to assist sight-impaired visitors and patients.  

Fereshteh continued her research career as a Project Scientist with the Center for Precision Medicine Research at Marshfield Clinic Research Institute.


Callahan Katrak, BS (2017)

Using an anonymous, validated, 11-question, paper-based survey, which was developed with the oral and systemic health team, Callahan collected demographic information as well as knowledge and opinions from patients at the Marshfield Clinic regarding the Peridontal Disease and Diabetes mellitus.

After completing the program Callahan attended the University of Florida to complete a DMD/PhD graduate program.

Vishakha Mavani, MPH (2017)

With guidance provided by the epidemiology team, Vishakha conducted a study that assessed baseline sociodemographic, clinical, and program factors that predict greater weight loss success over one year among patients who received IBT. 

Vishakha continued endeavors with clinical data after the program was complete as a Clinical Data Analyst with Mankato Clinic, in Minnesota.  

Rachel Fehrman, BS (2017)

During her internship in Genetics/Precision Medicine, Rachel's project produced preliminary results indicating that novel variants exist in the coding region of SLC5A2 that may predispose individuals to glycosuria by using Phenome-Wide Association Studies (PheWAS) to examine genotypic data along with electronic health records. 

Once the program was complete Rachel continued to lead and support research with the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an Associate Research Specialist.

Emma Seagle, MPH (2016)

Emma conducted a study examining the risk factors of repeat influenza infections of the same subtype or lineage using data from the US Flu VE Network from Marshfield Clinic with the epidemiology team.

After participating in the internship program Emma returned to Georgia to become a CSTE fellow at CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health. In 2017 Emma was one of three students from the graduating class of 2017 to receive the “Outstanding Practicum Award” at the Rollins School of Public Health. This award is given to students who best demonstrate public health in action through their practicum experiences.