Title and Principal Investigator for all Projects

2019-2020 Mini-grant

Title: “Digital Stories for Ag Worker Youth Safety and Health Education”
Principal Investigator: Alicia Gonzales, NCFH


Previously Awarded Projects

2018 Mini-grant

Title: “Augmented Reality Intervention for Safety Education (ARISE): A Pilot Study of AR Farm Safety Education Program for Farm Parents and Children”
Principal Investigator: Kang Nankoong, PhD, University of Maryland

Title: “Summarizing Child-related Issues around Manure Storage and Handling Facilities and Equipment
Principal Investigator: Mahmoud M. Nour, Purdue University

Title: “Backup Visibility Awareness: A Novel Intervention for the Prevention of Rural Trauma in Anabaptist Youth”
Principal Investigator: Dr. Eric Bradburn, Lancaster General Hospital

2017 Mini-grant
Title: “Children's Agricultural Safety Education (CASE)”
Principal Investigator: Nathan Harkleroad, M.S.

2016 Mini-grants
Title: “Enhancing and Evaluating the National Database of Ag Injury and Fatality News Clippings.”
Principal Investigator: Bryan Weichelt, MS, MBA, PMP – National Farm Medicine Center

Title: “Children's Farm Safety Education and Outreach to Organic and Sustainable Farmers.”
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Nelson – Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service

2015 Mini-grants
Title: “The South Central Pennsylvania Anabaptist Youth Trauma Prevention Consortium (AYTPC): A Regional Syndicate for the Prevention of Rural Trauma in Anabaptist Youth.”
Principal Investigator: Ron Baier, EMT-P – Lancaster General Hospital

Title: “Safe Children on Georgia Farms: Implementing A Statewide NAGCAT Training Program through GWIAA.”
Principal Investigator: Shyeasta Cullars – Georgia Women in Agriculture Associaton

Title: “Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Manoomin Canoe Safety Project 2014-2015.”
Principal Investigator: Heather Naigus – Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

Title: “Working in the Fields: Access to Childcare for Farmworkers in Eastern North Carolina.”
Principal Investigator: Melissa Bailey – NC Field, Inc.

Title: “Analyses of Pennsylvania Youth Farm Fatality Data for 2000 through 2012.”
Principal Investigator: Serap Gorucu, Ph.D. – Pennsylvania State University

Title: “Assessing Children’s Agricultural Safety and Health among Local Agricultural Market Producers (LAMPs) in Illinois and North Carolina.”
Principal Investigator: Chaya Spears Johnson, Ph.D. – Wake Forest School of Medicine

Title: “The Mississippi Consortium for the Prevention of Agricultural Injury Among Youth”
Principal Investigator: Ryan Kelly, M.S. - Mississippi Rural Health Association

Title: “Policies and Procedures that Protect Hired Youth Agriculture Workers: Examining High School Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs”
Principal Investigator: Rebecca Lawver, Ph.D. - Utah State University

Title: “Ultraviolet Radiation Monitoring and Intervention Strategies for Preventing Skin Cancer Among Farm Children”
Principal Investigator: Yi-Chun (Yvonnes) Chen, Ph.D. - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Title: “Youth Health Educator Program to Prevent Heat-Related Illness among Child Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers”
Principal Investigator: Thomas Arcury, Ph.D. - Wake Forest School of Medicine

Title: “Utilizing Social Narratives to Promote Diné Youth Agricultural Safety: Development of an Online Community Resource for Parents”
Principal Investigator: Michael L. Pate, Ph.D. - Utah State University

Title: “With the Eyes of Students: Safety in the Migrant Camps and Student Development of a Multimedia Instructional Learning Tool”
Principal Investigator: Jill Kilanowski, Ph.D. - Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Title: “Anabaptist Chemical and Pesticide Safety Prevention Tool”
Principal Investigator: Kay L. Moyer, RN - Lancaster Penn State Cooperative Extension

Title: “Intergrated Decontamination Practices among Farm Worker Parents to Protect Their Children”
Principal Investigator: Sonia I. Cotto Febo - Florida Department of Ag and Consumer Services

Title: “Reaching Hired Young Farm Workers: Dissemination of a High School ESL Curriculum”
Principal Investigator: Robin Baker, MPH - University of California

Title: “Technologies of Engagement: Using Computer Based Scenarios to Educate Clinicians about Real Life Hazards for Adolescent Farmworkers”
Principal Investigator: Amy Liebman, MA, MPA - Migrant Clinicians Network

Title: “Building Community Resources to Address Health and Safety Concerns for Children of Migrant and Seasonal Workers”
Principal Investigator: Karin Opacich, PhD - University of Illinois

Title: “Lazy O Farm: Addressing Child Health and Safety in Agritourism”
Principal Investigator: Robin Tutor, MPH - East Carolina University

Title: “Farm Parent Internet Health and Safety Focus Groups”
Principal Investigator: Marcy Fitz-Randolph, DO - Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation

Title: “Appalachian Children’s Farm Safety Photo Novels”
Principal Investigator: Mandilyn Hart - Shawnee State University

Title: “Rapid Risk Recognition of Occupational Safety and Health Concerns of Adolescent Farm Workers”
Principal Investigator: Amy Liebman, MA, MPA - Migrant Clinicians Network, Inc

Title: “Improving Clinical Practices that Follow Age Appropriate Farm Tasks”
Principal Investigator: Natalie Roy, MPH-AgriSafe Network

Title: “Teaching Agricultural Safety to Latino Farmworker Youth through Documentary”
Principal Investigator: Melinda Wiggins - Student Action with Farmworkers

Title: “A Community-Made Foto-Novela: A Tool to Provide Agricultural Health and Safety Information to Migrant Youth Working in California Agriculture”
Principal Investigator: Olivia Sosa-Kropp - San Joaquin County Office of Education

Title: “Integrated Farm Safety Training Initiative”
Principal Investigator: Sam Steel - Penn State University

Title: "Pilot Testing of Safe Play Areas Reserach Instrument"
Principal Investigator: Eileen L. Fisher, PhD - University of Iowa

Title: "Teaching Agricultural Safety to Latino Farmworker Youth through Theater"
Principal Investigator: Melinda Wiggins, MS - Student Action with Farmworkers

Title: "Safe Play and Rural Childcare Assessment"
Principal Investigators: Lynn Kananen, RN, BSN and Jennifer Pravechek, BSN - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Title: "Anabaptist Farm-Related Injury Prevention Tool"
Principal Investigator: Kay L. Moyer, RN - Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County

Title: "Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Children's Agricultural Health and Safety"
Principal Investigator: Deborah B. Reed, RNC, PhD - University of Kentucky

Title: "Development of an Evidence-based Curriculum and Leader Resource for Conducting Agricultural Safety Programming in Older Anabaptist Communities"
Principal Investigator: William E. Field, EdD - Purdue University

Title: "Evaluating Noise Exposure of Rural Youth"
Principal Investigator: Wayne Sanderson, PhD, CIH - University of Iowa

Title: "Anabaptist Magnetic Farm Safety and Health Display"
Principal Investigator: Shari Burgus, EdS - Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

Title: "Safe Play Areas on Farms Demonstration Evaluation Project"
Principal Investigator: Dennis J. Murphy, PhD - Penn State University

Title: "Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Innovative Safety Education Program for Hmong Farm Families"
Principal Investigator: John M. Shutske, PhD - University of Minnesota

Title: "Inform migrant workers on how to protect children from accidental poisoning"
Principal Investigator: Carol A. McCormick - Columbia Valley Community Health

Title: "The Pilot Study of Kids and Communities Count"
Principal Investigator: Karen Liller - University of South Florida

Title: "Farm Safety Mobile"
Principal Investigator: Stephanie Beever - Region Outreach Services

Title: "Promoting Safe Play areas on farms"
Principal Investigator: Sam Steel - National Safety Council

Title: "Safe Play area improvements on family farms"
Principal Investigator: Shari Burgus - Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

Title: "Safe Play Area Model"
Principal Investigator: Gail Scherweit - North Dakota Farm Bureau Federation

Title: "Adapting the Progressive Farmer farm safety day camp program to reach migrant and seasonal farmworker children"
Principal Investigator: Susan Reynolds - Progressive Agriculture Foundation

Title: "Rural Child Care/Safe Play Project"
Principal Investigator: Gail Scherweit - North Dakota Farm Bureau Foundation

Title: "Analysis of Power Take-Off Related Injuries and Fatalities Involving Children and Adolescents"
Principal Investigator: William Field, EdD - Purdue University

Title: "Workshop on Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention for State Injury Programs & Their Partners"
Principal Investigator: Carol Gunther-Mohr - University of North Carolina

Title: "Increasing Physician Awareness and Patient Education Regarding Rural and Agricultural Children's Health and Safety Issues"
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Groos, MD - University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital

2002 Mini-grants
Title: "Age-Appropriate Farm Safety Day Camp Lessons"
Principal Investigator: Susan Reynolds - Progressive Agriculture Foundation

Title: "Child Agricultural Health and Safety for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Using Educaci¢n Popular (Non-Formal Adult Education)"
Principal Investigator: Amy Liebman & Shari Burgus - Migrant Clinicians Network & Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

Title: "South Texas Youth Empowerment Program"
Principal Investigator: Sylvia Partida - National Center for Farmworker Health